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Andy Pang

Ravindran Drama Group Company, Associate Artist

NAFA School of Young Talents Junior Drama
NAFA, Part Time Lecturer

Diploma in Theatre, 2011; BA (Hons) Theatre Arts, 2012



Andy had his first brush with theatre in junior college, where he wrote and performed for his school drama group. After military training, Andy underwent four years of theatre education at NAFA. The Best Graduate of his diploma cohort, Andy was awarded the NAFA President Award in 2011, and graduated with First Class Honours Degree in Theatre Arts in 2012.


A good way to do art is to perform it as if you are giving a gift to a dear friend. You'll get the gift, wrap it up nicely, give it personally, and spend time with your friend as they unwrap the gift. It’s an endearing process, both for the giver and receiver.

Industry Experience

Favourite performing credits includes Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Cassio in Shakespeare’s Othello, Father/Yew Beng in Pan-Island Expressway, Silvio in Servant of Two Masters and Mimosa in It Appears That…, a dance work that was part of the Esplanade Studio Series.

Upon completion of his actor training, Andy trained with EAST 15 Acting School in the UK and GITIS (Russian University of Theatre Arts) in Moscow, attaining an MA in Theatre Directing. Favourite directing works include The Danny Crowe Show, Pazhi (Sleuth, performed in Tamil), Bastien und Bastienne (Mozart’s Opera sung in German), and La Princesse Jaune (Camille Saint-Saëns’ Opera Sung in French).

Andy Pang is an associate artist of Ravindran Drama Group, and is currently a freelance theatre director, actor and educator.