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All international applicants are required to apply for a Student’s Pass through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore after acceptance by an educational institute to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

  • All international applicants should accept the offer of admission by the deadline stipulated in the NAFA Admission Offer.
  • When applying for a Student’s Pass, please verify the accuracy of the information that has been entered into the Student’s Pass application through the Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration Plus (SOLAR+) system. Please inform NAFA Student Admissions Office immediately in the event of misspellings of name or errors in the date of birth. A new application will be submitted with the earlier registration cancelled.
  • Approval of the student pass is subjected to ICA.
  • For further details on Student’s Pass application, please visit:

New Student’s Pass Application


  1. Upon receiving your offer letter, you will need to confirm your place at NAFA. To accept, submit your signed student contract together with the course fees for Semester 1 and Form 12.

  2. The Student Admissions Office will register your application for a Student’s Pass on ICA’s Student's Pass On-Line Application and Registration (SOLAR)+ system, and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number.

  3. Your SOLAR+ Application Number will then be emailed to you or your agent, if you had registered through one.

  4. Apply for your Student’s Pass online within five days of receiving your SOLAR+ application number.

  5. At the ICA website, click on ‘PEO’, then ‘Student’.
    Note: You will need your SOLAR+ Application Number in order to apply for the Student’s Pass.

  6. When you have successfully submitted your SOLAR+ Application, it will be routed as ‘Receiving Attention’ according to ICA

  7. ICA will take about 3-4 weeks to process an application. You may check the status of your Student’s Pass application online, through the SOLAR+ website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number.

  8. Once ICA has approved your application, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will be issued and emailed to you or your agent by the Student Admissions Office.

  9. Make your payment online via SOLAR+ website and proceed to complete your medical checkup through a qualified doctor with the Medical Examination Report Form.

  10. Collect your Student's Pass by making an e-appointment through the ICA website or attend the ICA offsite at NAFA campus (you will be notified when you obtain your IPA).

Documents Required for the Collection of Your Student's Pass

  • IPA Letter
  • Passport which must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Two recent passport-sized colour photographs
  • Documents as listed in the IPA Letter
  • A completed original medical check-up form and original/copy of the laboratory report (in English)
  • Your duly signed Student’s Pass Application e-Forms
  • Two signed copies of the Terms & Conditions of Issue for Long Term Pass (LTP) Card
  • Receipt of issuance of card fee - S$60.00 to S$90.00

For more information on the Student’s Pass, please refer to:

Supporting documents for ICA’s verification

Please bring the original documents with you to Singapore, as well as the original official English translation of any documents not in English. Immigration officer will need to see the originals of all these documents before you can collect your Student Pass.

Basic Documents required for ALL applicants:

  • Birth certificate
  • Education certificates with detailed transcripts
  • TOEFL/TOEFL iBT/IELTS score, if applicable

Applicant is a National from Visa-required Countries

  • Photocopy of documentary proof of financial ability in the form of bank statements/fixed deposit accounts/ saving accounts. (Please show an amount that proves you will be able to pay your school fees and living costs in Singapore for the entire duration of your studies at NAFA)
  • One of the applicant’s parents/step parents is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident:
    • Photocopy of parent’s/step-parent’s official marriage certificate/ divorce certificate and the applicant’s custody paper, where applicable
    • Photocopy of parent’s/step-parent’s highest educational certificate
    • Parent’s/step-parent’s letter of employment; letter should state date of commencement of employment, designation, and salary per month or copy of the Business Registration Certificate (Instant Computer Printout) if the applicant’s parent/step-parent is self-employed

    • These documents should not be issued more than 1 month ago:
      • Parent’s/step-parent’s monthly CPF contribution for the past 12 months
      • Photocopy of parent’s/step-parent’s Income Tax Assessment Notices for the past 3 years

Applicant's Spouse is a Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident

  • Photocopy of spouse’s marriage certificate/divorce certificate, where applicable
  • Photocopy of spouse’s highest educational certificates
  • Spouse’s letter of employment; letter should state date of commencement of employment, designation and salary per month or a copy of the Business Registration Certificate (Instant Computer Printout) if the applicant’s spouse is self-employed

  • These documents should not be issued more than 1 month ago:
    • Spouse’s monthly Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution for the past 12 months
    • Photocopy of spouse’s Income Tax Assessment Notices for the past 3 years

Please refer to the relevant Singapore laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, political activities, employment, smoking, traffic and littering. Trafficking of drugs carries a death penalty.

For more information and updates, please visit
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore
Singapore Police Force
Ministry of Manpower
National Environmental Agency

S$8,400 per year
S$1,800 per year
S$5,000 per year

Actual expenses vary with each student, according to lifestyle and individual preferences.

Sitting in the heart of cosmopolitan Singapore, we are easily accessible from the Bugis, Bras Basah, Dhoby Ghaut and Bencoolen Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations. While we do not manage any student hostels, there are many student accommodation options around NAFA.

Career Services
NAFA supports all full time students in career related training and preparation to meet the industry demands. Job placements are available for students seeking freelancing during their studies to enhance their social knowledge.

The services available are:

  • Career Preparatory Workshop
  • Seminars & Talks
  • Career Coaching and consultation
  • Reviewing of Resume & Cover Letter
  • Posting of Job Opportunities
  • Job Matching Service

Internship module is offered to participating academic departments during their second year of study. Attachment is strictly during vacation period, between May and July.

Student Counselling
Students may approach Office of Student Care & Internship (OSC) for assistance on their personal or emotional problems. You can reach the friendly staff of OSC at:
Career Services: [email protected]
Internship: [email protected]
Student Care: [email protected]

To open a bank account, you have to visit the bank in person.
You will also need the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Student Pass
  • Initial deposit (amount varies according to bank)