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Course fees indicated here apply to students entering NAFA in the academic year of 2023, with studies commencing on 31 July 2023 . All annual fees are based on 40 credits per year. The cost for additional credits taken will be chargeable at yearly course fees divided by 40 credits of the course. 

Academic Year 2023

ProgrammeSubsidised Fees S$ with Tuition Grant (Per Annum)Non-Subsidised Fees S$ (Per Annum)##
Singapore Citizens#Singapore Permanent Residents#International Students##
3D Design$4,760$7,310$10,410$19,800
Design and Media$4,760$7,310$10,410$19,800
Fine Art$4,760$7,310$10,410$19,800
Fashion Studies$5,210$7,760$10,660$20,300
Arts Management$4,760$7,310$10,410$19,800
Teaching Courses
Art Teaching$5,920$7,750$11,570$19,900
Music Teaching$7,840$10,100$12,930$20,900

Courses in 3D Design are:

  1. Diploma in Design (Furniture and Spatial)
  2. Diploma in Design (Interior and Exhibition)
  3. Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture)
  4. Diploma in Design (Object and Jewellery)

Courses in Design and Media are:
  1. Diploma in Advertising
  2. Diploma in Graphic Communication
  3. Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation
  4. Diploma in Screen Media

# Fees payable for Singapore Citizens & Singapore Permanent Residents with Tuition Grant are net of GST subsidy

## Fees are inclusive of 8% GST in 2023. The GST payable will increase from 8% to 9% from 1 Jan 2024.

All subsidised Singapore Citizen (SC) and Permanent Resident (SPR) students studying the MOE-subsidised full-time diploma and degree programmes at NAFA will enjoy GST subsidy provisions on tuition fees and tuition grant. NAFA will make the necessary adjustment to ensure that the student bills for the subsidised SC and SPR students are revised accordingly to reflect that GST subsidy is provided on both their fees payable and tuition grant.

Diploma courses offered by NAFA are funded by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and exempted from the Fee Protection Scheme under the Edutrust requirements of the Committee for Private Education (CPE)

Fees for AY 2023 are approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)

Fees for Diploma courses under Fashion Studies Programme include the final-year graduation show fee


Tuition Grants

The Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) was introduced by the Government to help students with the cost of tertiary education in Singapore.

Eligible Singapore Citizens are automatically awarded a Tier A Tuition Grant, which is the highest level of tuition fee subsidy, Singapore Citizens thus pay the lowest tuition fees. There is no bond obligation.

Eligible Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) may choose to apply for a Tier B Tuition Grant only. Successful applicants are required to work for a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

Eligible international students may choose to apply for a Tier C Tuition Grant only. There is a limited number of Tuition Grants available for international students, and selection is competitive and based on merit. Successful applicants are required to work for a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

However, students who have exceeded the maximum TGS cap of ten semesters, or who have graduated from local polytechnics (SP, NP, NYP, TP or RP), universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT, SUSS and SUTD) or LASALLE College of the Arts, are no longer eligible for the Tuition Grant and will have to pay the full course fees for their study at the academy.

SPRs and international students who applied for the grant successfully are required to execute a Tuition Grant Agreement with the Government of Singapore, represented by the Ministry of Education (MOE). NAFA will guide matriculated students with their application for the Tuition Grant. It is, however, the student’s responsibility to complete the process of the Tuition Grant Agreement within the deadline set by the MOE. SPRs and international students who do not fulfil the obligations, or do not complete serving their Tuition Grant bonds will be required to pay liquidated damages. Liquidated damages will be computed based on the prevailing Tuition Grant (as advised by MOE) received during the course of study, plus 10% compounded interest per annum.

To find out more about the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme, please refer to:

Application Fee

A non-refundable course application fee (inclusive of GST) is payable upon application. Applicants may apply up to two choices and the application is only complete upon receipt of your application fee and all required documents.  Please ensure your application fee is paid and your documents are submitted within five working days from the submission date of your online application. NAFA reserves the right to withdraw the applications if the application fee remains unpaid and documents are not received by the due date.

You will not be informed of your second choice application if your first choice application is successful.

 Singapore Citizens & Singapore Permanent ResidentsInternational Students
Application feeS$70.65S$100.93

Application fee is inclusive of prevailing 8% GST in 2023. The GST payable will increase by 1% from 8% to 9% from 1 Jan 2024.

Other Fees

These fees are compulsory fees payable in addition to the course fee and are non-refundable.

 All Students
Administrative Fee for 1st to 3rd candidature years of study (including Student Card & Library Membership) #S$100.93 per year
Administrative Fee for 4th & 5th candidature year of study (non-refundable)S$100.93 to S$150 per year
Hospitalisation Insurance Fee ^# S$60.56 per year

^Compulsory unless the student chooses to opt-out, subject to NAFA’s Office of Student Care (OSC)’s evaluation on the medical insurance coverage

# Fees are inclusive of 8% GST in 2023. The GST payable will increase from 8% to 9% from 1 Jan 2024.

Fees for Preparatory English Course

Preparatory English CourseS$2,523.36# for 8 weeks (Pre-Intermediate Level), fee applies to international students
S$2,523.36# for 8 weeks (Intermediate Level), fee applies to international students
Preparatory English Course (Supplementary)S$1,211.21# for 4 weeks, fee applies to Singapore Citizens
and Permanent Residents of Singapore

Other fee# (non-refundable and inclusive of GST)
Administrative Fee: S$100.93

# Fees are inclusive of 8% GST in 2023

Fee Protection Scheme

NAFA adopts a mandatory Fee Protection Scheme(FPS) to protect the paid fees of both local and international students for Preparatory English courses and Specialist Diploma course. The Undergraduate courses, Diploma courses and Nafa Foundation Programme offered by NAFA are funded by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) and exempted from the Fee Protection Scheme under the Edutrust requirements of the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

NAFA has appointed Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd as our FPS insurance provider. Under the FPS insurance scheme, students’ fees will be insured by the insurer pre-assigned by NAFA. If the institution is unable to continue operating, the protection scheme protects the unconsumed course fees paid by students.

More details of the FPS can also be found in the FPS Instruction Manual, available at

Fee Protection Scheme Certificate

Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
The policy is valid from 15 Oct 2022 to 14 Oct 2023. To view the certificate, please click here.

Medical Insurance

NAFA students taking full-time programs are covered by a medical insurance scheme that provides 24-hour annual coverage of up to S$20,000 per student for hospitalisation and medical treatments in government and restructured hospitals in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities), throughout the course duration.

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or non-Student’s Pass international students who are protected by their own insurance coverage in Singapore can opt-out from the scheme arranged by the academy if the preceding condition holds. Student’s Pass holders are not allowed to opt-out of the insurance scheme. Students who wish to opt-out from the medical insurance scheme must submit copy of their medical insurance policy together with their Student Contract.

Please call the Office of Student Care at 6512 6142 or email [email protected] for enquiries regarding medical insurance claims or application to opt-out from the medical insurance scheme.