Student's photo

Kok Zhi Nee Ginie

3D Design Programme

Diploma in Design (Furniture and Spatial)


Ginie graduated with a Diploma in 3D Design (Furniture) from NAFA. She pays great attention to the details and workmanship as she believes that small details matter in enhancing user experience. During her years at NAFA, she has mastered both workshop model making and 3-dimensional visualisation skills. Besides, she has also gained knowledge of various materials such as wood, metal, fabric and leather. A versatile designer, Ginie is capable in both furniture and spatial design.

Ginie is an ASEAN Grant Scholar and she’s always eager to learn and improve her craft. This has resulted in a clear evolution in her designs over time. With the right mindset coupled with hard work, Ginie is well prepared for a successful future in the creative industry.