Making Art Life: Ho Kah Leong 60 years and beyond

Ho Kah Leong, Trishaw Rider, 1956, Woodcut print, 28 x 29 cm

Born in 1937, Singaporean artist  Ho Kah Leong is a prominent figure in Singapore’s political sphere and artistic circle. He trained at NAFA for a short stint in the mid-1950s, acquiring exposure to the artistic climate of the times. He later graduated from Nanyang University in 1963, following which he became a teacher.  Ho entered politics in 1966, serving as a Member of Parliament, holding the position as Senior Parliamentary Secretary for three decades. Consistent and prolific, Ho favoured painting en plein air, a technique that captured the luminous effects of natural light on tropical landscapes and its atmosphere. He is also a competent calligrapher, well versed in Chinese literature and poetry. In this mini-retrospective, woodcuts from the 1950s-60s, preparatory sketches, as well as his signature oil and acrylic paintings and Chinese calligraphy chart the visual journey of Ho’s development as an artist, reflecting his humanistic interest in life and the workings of the cultivated mind.

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