Chinese Calligraphy (Certificate)*


一) 理论方面: 讲述中国书法史概况并主要书家著名作品及其用格特点, 还有学术著术. 有助学员全面了解书法进展的整个过程.

(二) 实践方面: 实际的书写技法训练, 楷书入门从简入繁, 从浅入深. 楷书的永字门法入门, 并进入偏傍部首, 间架结构, 章法布局至最后完成作品.

Course Available Dates and Timings*

Day of the Week Time Duration
Monday (January intake) 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Monday (July intake) 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Tuesday (January intake) 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Friday (July intake) 7.00pm - 10.00pm


  • 1 session per week per short course.
  • The above schedule is subject to final confirmation.
  • The above course will be conducted in Mandarin.

Chinese Calligraphy 1 - 书史与基本技法训练 (10 sessions x 3 hours)

(1) 笔墨纸现 (文房四宝)
(2) 文字的形成与演变
(3) 笔法认识与技法

(1) 文字与朝代的历史演变
(2) 基本笔法训练与永字八法写法
(3) 进行八法训练,笔画与字例写法

Chinese Calligraphy 2 - 强化训练 (10 sessions x 3 hours)

• 间架结构训练
• 作品训练单字与词句
• 四字作品训练与章法

Chinese Calligraphy 3 - 颜体的变化, 笔画技法训练, 以颜勤礼碑为根底 (10 sessions x 3 hours)

• 进行笔画变化技法训练
• 进行作品书写训练

Chinese Calligraphy 4 - 探索其他楷书书家的笔法变化, 如欧阳询,柳公权, 赵孟頫 (10 sessions x 3 hours)

• 认识章法,部局并进行作品练习
• 经典名句书写
• 唐诗书写

Applicants must be 17 years old and above.

Prerequisites for registration of short courses

  • For Chinese Calligraphy 2, applicants need to complete Chinese Calligraphy 1 (within a year)
  • For Chinese Calligraphy 3, applicants need to complete Chinese Calligraphy 1 & 2 (within a year)
  • For Chinese Calligraphy 4, applicants need to complete Chinese Calligraphy 1, 2 & 3 (within a year)

Course Fees

Course Module Fees
Chinese Calligraphy 1 - 书史与基本技法训练 S$620
Chinese Calligraphy 2 - 强化训练 S$620
Chinese Calligraphy 3 - 颜体的变化, 笔画技法训练, 以颜勤礼碑为根底
Chinese Calligraphy 4 - 探索其他楷书书家的笔法变化, 如欧阳询,柳公权, 赵孟頫

Applicants can sign up the above 4 short courses at a package price of S$1980.
(applicable only during registration)

Other Fees

Registration Fee (per application) S$32.10
Miscellaneous Fee (fee charged for Student card) S$16

All fees stated above include GST and exclude material costs.


SkillsFuture Credit
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National Silver Academy
Applicable to Singaporean seniors aged 50 and above who will receive a subsidy of 50% off the course fee (capped at $500 per course). Please note that the subsidy will only apply to the course fee and will not cover GST.
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Address (for payment via cheque)

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to the 'Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts' and send to:
80 Bencoolen Street (S) 189655. The student's name, NRIC/Passport number and contact number must be written on the reverse side of the cheque.

Refund of Fees

Withdrawal within 14 days before the commencement date of each short course Course fee will be refunded after deduction of S$107 as administrative charges.
Withdrawal on or after commencement date
No refunds will be given.

Cancellation/ Postponement

  • NAFA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course without prior notice.
    In the event that the class is unable to proceed due to unforeseen circumstances, NAFA will process a full refund of the course fees.

Withdrawal/ Deferment/ Transfer

  • Withdrawal or deferment requests should be made in writing with supporting relevant documents (if any) to Continuing Education. Request for deferment is subject to approval.
  • No deferment is allowed after the 2nd lesson of each short course.
  • No transfer of course upon registration.

Replacement of Classes

  • There is strictly no replacement lesson should the participant absent himself/herself from the course.

The Academy reserves the rights to alter the rules & regulations, course contents, class schedule and fee structures without prior notice

Part Time Certificate courses (January 2018 Intake) will be commencing on the week of 2 January 2018.

The enrolment for January 2018 intake has ended.

The next intake will commence in July 2018, and enrolment will be in May 2018.

For further enquiries, please contact us at Tel: 6512 1388 or email: [email protected]

The Academy reserves the rights to alter the rules & regulations, course contents, class schedule and fee structures without prior notice.


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