Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy Scheme for Malays

The Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) scheme is an education subsidy for Malay students, which covers their tuition fees at tertiary institutions.

Malay Singaporeans and SPRs who are pursuing full-time diploma courses or the Bachelor of Music (Hons) course, and are eligible for MOE Tuition Grant (TG) can apply for this scheme.

The per capita monthly household income (PCI) will determine the amount of the subsidy that the student is eligible for. The income criteria is based on a three-tier system where students who come from households with per capita monthly household income (PCI) of below $1,500 will be eligible for the following TTFS subsidies:

Per Capita Income (PCI)
Eligible Subsidy
$1,000 and below
$1,001 - $1,200
$1,201 - $1,500


Computation of per-capita income = 
Total monthly gross income of family
Total number of family members

To find out more about the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy for Malays, please refer to: http://www.mendaki.org.sg/
Students may also check with Student Admissions Office on the criteria and application details of the above government financial schemes.