Your eligibility for the Tuition Grant very much depends on your status. For more information, please contact the Student Admissions Office.

You can still enrol in NAFA and pay the full tuition fees to reserve a place in the course that you are accepted to. If you are successful in your application to the other Institution, you can withdraw from NAFA. By doing so, you are omitting the possibility of ending up with no course to study, should your application to other Institution be unsuccessful.

Refer here for the refund policy.

You are not allowed to pay at a later date as there are limited vacancies for all the courses. Full payment of the tuition fees will guarantee you a place of study in NAFA.

You will have to submit a withdrawal letter to NAFA. Photocopies of documents submitted to NAFA during enrolment are not returnable.

As for the refund of fees, please refer to the refund policy.

The Application Fee, Admission Test/Audition Fee and Administrative Fee are non-refundable.
Please note that after you have submitted the official withdrawal form, our Finance department will arrange for the refund of your paid tuition fees if you are entitled to a refund. The refund will only be ready in a month's time from the date of withdrawal, as Finance department requires some time for processing.

The NS Deferment Letter will only be given to students who have made full payment of their tuition fees. Students can approach the Office of Admissions to request for the NS Deferment Letter.

Yes, with effect from July 1999, NAFA was upgraded to tertiary level and conferred a status on par with the polytechnics. For employment purposes, MOE treats the diplomas awarded by NAFA as equivalent to a non-technical diploma from the polytechnics.

Our lecturers and Artists-in-Residence include the "Who's Who" in the arts arena. Most of them received training in Europe, the US and Asia. Collectively, they have qualifications and teaching experiences that span many decades and continents. Our website lists the qualifications and provides a short biography of all of our teachers.

Should the student be unable to resolve any dispute and/or grievance at their respective department, they may surface the issue to the Office of Student Affairs (for academic matters) or the Office of Student Care (for non-academic matters).

Should the matter be unable to be resolved by the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Student Care, the student may raise the issue with the President's Office.

Should the matter remain unresolved, the student may refer the matter to the Council for Private Education. For more information, please call 6512 4000.

Established under the Private Education Act, the Committee for Private Education is a statutory board empowered with the legislative power to regulate the private education sector.

For more information, please contact:

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