Diploma in Design (Furniture and Spatial)

Lua Boon Kai is a member of the second batch of the NAFA Talent Development Programme in 2019. He was introduced to the design world by her sister, who is also a NAFA Alumni from the 3D Design Programme.

Through his studies in NAFA, he was exposed to different types of competition and events. With his studentship, Boon Kai showed diligence and active participation in managing proficiency in both key working aspects on soft and hard skills.

Some of the key highlights of his time at NAFA include the One Day Challenge Roca 2018 and IKEA Singapore's Young Designer Award 2018, where his team won the TOP 10 award. He also leads a team in a collaborative project with Thai partners KMUTT. In his Final Year Project, Boon Kai's work was selected by the client to be fabricated and will be part of the revamping of the proposed site in Changi Business Park.

Possessing an inquisitive quality as a multidisciplinary designer, these achievements and opportunities ignited his passion to be active in the design scene, further allowing him to build a comprehensive portfolio.

Awards and Achievements
  • BenBelle Scholarship (Diploma) (AY19/20)
  • Dean's List Award, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (AY19/20 Semester 1)
  • Dean's List Award, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (AY18/19 Semester 1 & 2)
  • Young Designer Award-Top 10, IKEA, 2018
  • NAFA Talent Development Programme, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (2019)
Events, Exhibitions and Highlights
  • Inside innovation exhibition, A*STAR x NAFA, 2020
  • IDIA Student Workshop, SIDS, 2019
  • Southeast Asia Arts Forum, NAFA, 2019
  • Singapore Night Festival, A'STAR x NAFA, 2019
  • 'FurnitureOrigins' Collaboration, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand, 2019
  • Countdown VIP Room, Mediacorp X NAFA, 2019
  • 'After 2' Exhibition, NAFA, 2019
  • Saturday Indesign, Fraction, 2019
  • Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Street Light-up Design, 2018 & 2019
  • Philips Carnival, Philips, 2018
  • 'In Process' Exhibition, NAFA, 2018
  • Overseas Immersion Programme, Bangkok, 2018

The Wu Tsung Kan Book Prize is a premier award for all-round excellence. Two awards are presented to exceptional students from amongst the best diploma graduates at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The recipients are selected based on academic excellence and other outstanding achievements.

Mr Wu Tsung Kan served as Principal of NAFA from 1979 to 1988. He had a long and distinguished career in Singapore's education sector. Among his many significant achievements in NAFA were the introduction of new diploma courses in Music, Dance and Design, a revamp of the curriculum and assessment system, ensuring the building of new campus facilities including an art gallery, and establishing new sources of funding. The Academy grew in national and international stature as a result of Mr Wu's vision and dedication.

The Wu Tsung Kan Book Prize has been made possible by a generous donation from Mr Wu and his family on the occasion of his 97th birthday on 23 April 2016.