Diploma in Music

Awards & achievements:
  • NAFA Scholarship (Diploma) (AY19/20)
  • Tan Chay Bing Merit Award (AY18/19)
  • Lee Foundation Malaysia Study Grant (AY17/18)
  • Dean's List Award, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (AY2018/2019 Semester 1)
  • Dean's List Award, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (AY2018/2019 Semester 2)
Events, Exhibitions and Highlights
  • Volunteered as music teacher at Marymount Centre- a self-initiated involvement in a non-profit community that helps abused children and women, Mar to Dec 2019
  • Collaborated with NAFA Dance programme in the da:ns festival The Third Space at Esplanade Recital studio Oct 2019
  • Collaborated with NAFA Dance programme and performed in the TARI International Festival in Oct 2019 at ASWARA, Malaysia.
  • Collaborated with Connexions International (CXI) and theAsian Women Welfare Association in a community music project for the elderly in Sep 2019
  • Organised and initiated a project to Good Shepherd Student Care to hold a 7-week music programme for the underprivileged children in July 2019
  • National Gallery-NAFA dance and music improvisation collaboration showcase April 2019
  • Co-founded "For 3 Clarinets" in 2018 and performed in the Esplanade Concourse
  • Planned and delivered a music workshop for students at Punggol Primary School, Mar 2020
  • Performed clarinet in Guest Artists Series: Janet Hilton with NAFA Wind Ensemble, Jan 2020
  • Performed in Alumni Series: Donald Law and the Wind Quintet, January 2020
  • Performed clarinet in The Philharmonic Orchestra: Sibelius 2 & 4 at Victoria Concert Hall, Oct 2019
  • "Old Worlds for New" Concert with Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra April 2019
  • Performed clarinet in "Yellow River Cantata" Concert with Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra, Dec 2018
  • Performed clarinet in Opera Die Fledermaus in conjunction with NAFA 80th Anniversary, Oct 2018
  • Performed clarinet in NAFA Concert Series:
    • 37 (Chamber) at LFT Oct 2019
    • Respirations with Wind Ensemble at LFT Oct 2019
    • Expeditions with NAFA Wind Orchestra Sep 2019
    • 80th Anniversary Concert at VCH April 2018,
    • Music for the Soul Mar 2018
    • Old Wines..Taste Better! Feb 2018,
    • Viva Verdi Nov 2017
    • Symphony for Fun Sep 2017

The Best Graduate Award is a prestigious honour presented to students with strong academic performance throughout their studies at NAFA. In addition, recipients should be responsible students who display good attributes such as discipline, resourcefulness and leadership qualities. They should also possess a record of contribution towards the respective department and the Academy.