Page 9 - NAFA-Diploma-Degree-Course-Guide-2018-2019
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OvERSEAS LEARNING            Overseas immersion programmes   NAFA’s School of Music, for
                  ExPERIENCE                   Overseas immersion programmes   instance, has been collaborating
                                                                             with the Tainan National University
                                               comprise of lectures and/or
                  Having an overseas learning   hands-on project work/workshops/  of the Arts in Taiwan on the NAFA-
                  experience is one of the key   industry visits/field trips which are   Tainan University of the Arts voice
                  highlights of an education at NAFA.   conducted at institutes of higher   Recital project yearly, where a joint
                  visits to educational institutions and   learning overseas during the    recital is put up by the students
                  events overseas are organised for   school vacation.       from both institutions, and practices
                  students to gain global exposure                           in teaching and learning of the
                  to new ideas and innovations in   Through such programmes, students   performing arts are exchanged.
                  their fields, as well as to foster   have the opportunity to interact with   student exchange programmes
                  multi-cultural integration and   and be taught by faculty members
                  collaboration.               of the host institution, gain insights   Student exchange programmes
                                               from industry experts and learn   give students the opportunity
                  study trips                  more about other cultures. Students   to experience different learning
                  Study trips organised at the course   will attain credits towards their   environments, which can broaden
                  or module level complement   NAFA diploma upon completion of   their outlook and approach to
                  classroom teaching by giving   the programme.              the arts, and help them develop
                  students the exposure to industries   NAFA’s School of Art & Design, for   valuable life skills and an
                  and experts in areas relevant to   instance, has an overseas immersion   awareness and appreciation of
                  their course of study. Such trips aim   programme as an elective in its   other cultures. Upon completion
                  to broaden students’ perspectives   curriculum for its first year students,   of the programme, students will
                  and provide them with a better   which has been held at the Beijing   be granted module exemptions for
                  understanding and appreciation of   Institute of Technology and Xiamen   their NAFA diploma.
                  their field of study.        University of Technology in China   NAFA’s 3D Design Programme, for
                  Past study trips include visits   since 2016.              instance, has a student exchange
                  to the World Expo Exhibition in   collaborative projects   programme with king Mongkut’s
                  Italy; Chulalongkorn University in                         University of Technology Thonburi
                  Thailand; ASEAN Theatre Festival   NAFA’s strategic partnerships with   (kMUTT) in Thailand where 3D
                  in Nanning, China; Guangzhou and   international institutions overseas   Design diploma students spend up
                  Hong kong for fabric sourcing,   provide students the opportunity to   to one semester at kMUTT reading
                  factory tours and market study; and   collaborate with peers on research,    modules, working on projects with
                  various Southeast Asian countries   art and design, or performance   Thai students and lecturers, and
                  for interdisciplinary projects on   projects where they can gain invaluable   engaging in activities to learn about
                  Southeast Asian puppetry.    practical or industry experience.  Thailand’s society and values.

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