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T h E   N A FA  E X P E r I EN CE

            FACULTY                       and Theatre students also have   Business degree at SUSS. Through
                                          the opportunity to develop skills in   these strong collaborations, NAFA
            NAFA is committed to achieving   teaching practice where they learn   enables our diploma graduates to
            excellence in our teaching pedagogy.   to nurture the next generation of   further their academic and creative
            Our faculty consists of experts and                        pursuits in the arts.
            professional local and international   arts practitioners.
            specialists who are dedicated to   [email protected] is an   university of central lancashire
            student-centred learning. Their   initiative which further augments
            expertise and dedication to student   our curriculum, with the aim of   The University of Central
            development in turn inspire students   encouraging a spirit of exploration   Lancashire is gaining international
            to pursue a lifelong passion in the   and innovation in our students.   reputation as one of the Uk’s most
            arts and become confident leaders   Through various programmes    innovative universities. It offers
            in their chosen field.        and events organised, students    degrees from Bachelor’s to Doctoral
                                          are given the opportunity to    level through its 16 academic
            CURRICULUM                    develop entrepreneurial skills    schools and has an established
            NAFA has a rigorous and practice-  and competencies, as well as   reputation for research, with
            led curriculum which allows students   collaborate and network with    11 research areas rated world-
                                                                       leading in the Research
            to build a solid foundation while   peers and industry partners.
            nurturing their creative attitudes and   INDUSTRY-BASED LEARNING  Assessment Exercise.
            critical thinking skills. Our curriculum                   university of east london
            focuses on in-depth learning while   NAFA maintains strong links and works
            giving students the option to choose   actively with creative industry partners   With 19,000 students from more
            electives across disciplines based   to offer our students opportunities for   than 120 countries, the University
            on their personal interests. Through   industrial attachments/internships,   of East London is one of the
            individual and group assessments,   industry/community projects and   Uk’s most diverse and fastest
            students learn to problem-solve and   teaching practice. These industrial   growing universities. It has a
            are encouraged to be self-directed   partnerships enhance the career   strong track-record in widening
            learners where they take active   pathways of our students and    participation and working with
            responsibility for their own learning.   prepare them for their future careers.   industry, and is renowned for its
                                          Through participating in projects   contribution to social, cultural and
            The NAFA curriculum builds upon   that engage with the community, our   economic development, especially
            our rich cultural heritage that                            through research.
            promotes a spirit of innovation and   students also find fulfilment in their
            artistic imagination in Southeast   personal, intellectual, and artistic   university of essex
            Asia. In particular, Interdisciplinary   development. Organisations which    Established over 50 years ago, the
            Studies is a unique feature of our   we have collaborated with include    University of Essex has gained a
            curriculum that has an emphasis   Walt Disney Studios, A*STAR,    global reputation for pioneering
            on Southeast Asian arts, history   Resorts World Sentosa, the National   research which helps change lives.
            and culture. With the collaboration   Museum of Singapore and National   Rated second in the Uk for student
            between NAFA’s Institute of   University Hospital.         satisfaction, the university provides
            Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) and   PARTNER UNIvERSITIES    a research-led education which
            the Academic Schools, students are                         equips students with the curiosity
            offered a platform to work together,   NAFA currently collaborates with   and capability for personal and
            experiment with ideas and innovate   four universities in the United   professional success.
            across disciplines.           kingdom (Uk) – University of
                                          Central Lancashire, University of   royal college of Music, london
            With industry-based learning built   East London, University of Essex
            into the curriculum, students are   and Royal College of Music, London   The Royal College of Music, London
            able to gain broader perspectives,   – to offer top-up Bachelor with   is a renowned conservatoire that has
            develop problem-solving skills and   Honours degree courses.   trained musicians for international
            learn about social responsibility. We                      careers. With over 800 students
            work with industry partners so that   Our collaboration with the Singapore   studying at undergraduate, masters
            students can embark on industrial   University of Social Sciences   or doctoral level, the RCM is a
            attachments/internships and/or   (SUSS) also allows our Design &   community of talented musicians
            industry/community projects. In   Media diploma graduates to pursue   where excellence, individuality,
            addition, Dance, Fine Art, Music   a BA visual Communication with   creativity and diversity are prized.

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