Dean's List Award Certificate of commendationCertificate of Completion by UNICEF Resource Mobilization to Meet Nutritional Needs in EmergenciesCertificate of Completion by UNICEF Community Engagement in Emergencies Preparedness and Response
Exhibition: Imagining New Futures, Gillman Barracks (2021)Exhibition:City of Kamu, Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (2021)Participating in the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize (2022)NAFA open House (2020)

Wan Wing Lam (b. Hong Kong) is a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She has been studying art in Hong Kong before she moved to Singapore to pursue artistic career and education. She has a strong drawing foundation and teaching experience. On the basis of her solid foundation, she started to develop installation-based artworks. She has also done performative and video art in her previous endeavours.

Wan has participated in several exhibitions in 2021 and had experience in planning such events. Her works not only engages the relationship with the audience, but also the synergy between the time and space.

Wan's practices relates much to communal issues and human rights phenomenon. She expresses her own opinions through art to survey and critique the society.​

Final Year Project