2021, NAFA Scholarship Receiver Academic Year 2021-2022, NAFA, Singapore.2021, 3rd Place Mooncake Packaging Competition, Packaging Hub, Singapore.2020, NAFA Dean's List Award Academic Year 2020-2021, NAFA, Singapore2020, NAFA Scholarship Receiver Academic Year 2020-2021, NAFA, Singapore.2019, NAFA Dean's List Award Academic Year 2019-2020, NAFA, Singapore
2022 May, Branding and Design for NAFA Grad Expectations 2022.2022 March, Liaison of NAFA The Grad Expectations 2022 Photography Committee (D&M)2021 August-2022 January, Junior Art Director Intern at Blak Labs, Singapore.2021 November-present, Head of Publication & Design Division of the Indonesian Student Association in Singapore (PPI Singapura).2021 September, Kinetic Typography Creator for Singapore Art Museum (SAM) Unwraps: Sarah & Schooling and Yeow Kai Chai, Singapore.2020 May-2021 May, Creative Director of Laskar NAFA, Singapore.2020 February, Creative Department for "Laskar Pelangi: Senandika" Exhibition, Laskar NAFA, NAFA, Singapore.2020 January, Student Ambassador for NAFA Open House 2020, Singapore.

Final Year Project