3rd Place in the MBSC 2022 Share the Moment Project
Imagining New Futures @ Gillman BarracksCollaboration with Margret Wibmer Drawing the Border of Water @ dblspce collaboration with the Migrant Writers of SingaporeMBSC 2022 Share the Moment @ The Fullerton Hotel

Majoring in 2D practices at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, Riddhi Vaidya aspires to establish her practice with socially engaged art as her key focus.

This practice stems from her writing as a form of connection, and expands across an explorationt of mediums including printmaking, photography and installation art. Her themes often revolve around human nature and the search for relatability.

This search covers topics including home, loss, memories and relationships. These themes are embodied using material that is collected from participants of her work in an attempt to enhance the connection between art and its viewer.

Final Year Project