2022 Jan, Finalist, Young Glory Brief 5, Young Glory2021 Nov, 2 Finalist , Young Glory Brief 3, Young Glory2021 Oct, Finalist, Young Glory Brief 2, Young Glory2021, Activation A01 Communication Silver, The Crowbar Awards, Singapore2020, 1st Place, Wheelock Christmas Campaign, NAFA, Singapore
I am an active participant in various design and school competitions. I was sponsored by NAFA to take part in Young Glory and have won 4 finalist positions so far. I have also managed to get the silver award for The Crowbar Awards 2021 for my campaign 'The Whopper Code' and took 1st place in the DBS Wheelock 2020 Christmas Campaign. I am currently taking part in the D&AD New Blood Awards as well. Aside from design competitions, I also worked as a part-time student ambassador at NAFA. My responsibilities include escorting children up to their respective classes and ensuring safe distance protocols. I was working part-time up until my Internship in Nov 2021. As part of NAFA's IBL when I started working at Blak Labs.