2021, Group Exhibition (Imagining New Futures), Gillman Barracks, Singapore2021, SEA Art Forum, NAFA, Singapore

Putri Erina Fitriyana (b. 2002) is a Singapore-based visual artist who explores personal and psychological contexts through the lens of contemporary art. Her practice revolves around the idea of intimacy that reveals  the beauty behind the state of one’s mind, capturing the thoughts of their soul. She aspires to be an art therapist which allowed her to move forward and create conversational interactive work. Exploring the connection between the self and the emotional mind; through performance, objects and participation - Putri aims to connect with herself and her audience as well, in hopes of allowing them to use her art as a form of therapy. Apart from installation, performative, therapeutic art, Putri has achieved a collaborative work, Why, Sayang? which was first exhibited at Gillman Barracks in 2021.

Final Year Project