'Participate in Design' Project with Jalan Besar Town Council 2021International Baccalaureate Diploma 2019
Project Intern at Kidney Dialysis Foundation (7 March - 29 April 2022) - Resource Development and Communications Department------------------------------------------------------------------'Participate in Design' Project with Jalan Besar Town Council 2021 - Certificate of Appreciation------------------------------------------------------------------Project Intern at Business Indonesia Singapore Association (1 Jan - 30 July 2022) - Volunteer as Creative Marketing Assistant and Assistant for BISA Director in Networking Activities in Singapore.------------------------------------------------------------------Indonesian SME Ambassador Final 2022 - Creative & Technical Staff------------------------------------------------------------------Indosnacks Poppin Bazaar in Singapore(18 April - 31 July 2022) - Creative Team

I'm addicted to daydreaming and asking questions.

I always spend every second of my spare time daydreaming of ideas on design solutions for things that are happening around me. Every time I walked past the small shops in the slums of Jakarta or even the prestigious walkway of the Marina Bay of Singapore, I always ask myself a variety of questions like:

1)"How can I design this better? Is this truly the best solution? "

2) "Do people even use this space?"

3) "Can it be more sustainable?"

4) "Does it harm the livelihoods of the locals?"

These questions are the primer that sparks my endless curiosity and creativity. Because of this, I never felt like any project is "work", instead each project feels like a playground of Legos for me to play and tinker with. Meanwhile, I'll often see flashbacks in my daydreaming sessions, this reminded me of my past mistakes and the contributions that others have made to the happiness of my life.

Final Year Project