2019/2020,Most Improved GPA Award, Semester 2 2021, NAFA Bursary (Diploma), NAFA, Singapore.
Participated in Devoted: Can't you see there's nothing left for me? By Ezzam Rahman in 2020

Salihin (b. 1999) is a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art majoring in 4D practice. After spending a lot of time expressing himself through the recording and using his body as subject matter, he developed a passion for lens-based works.

Recently, Salihin has dabbled in image transfer techniques, discovering a new methodology revolving around layers and depth. Salihin spends most of his time introspecting on his inner experiences, mapping them as vessels of realities. Currently, he is exploring a photographic series as a physical manifestation of the grief and acceptance of past traumas.

Salihin has also completed his internship programme as a photographer at A PIXELS Production in 2019 alongside art teaching at Artspeaksstudio in 2021. Aside from his art practice, Salihin is also focusing on his professional development to solidify his career as an emerging artist.

Final Year Project