Most improved GPA award AY2020/2021,NAFA,Singapore
Volunteering for STPI open house

Joshua Caleb is a multidisciplinary artist whose art practice revolves around the use of clay, as well as drawing. He is based in Singapore in which he studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), focused in both drawing and printmaking. He has various work experiences, including his time at an art enrichment centre as an academic drawing teacher.

His passion for arts first started when he decided to join NAFA, during which he was introduced to the craft of ceramics. This led him to further explore the medium, as well as learning more about pottery over the past eight months.

He is motivated in his craft as he feels it teaches him about character-building – with clay being a very honest medium which requires hard work and discipline. He particularly enjoys the unpredictability involved in ceramics, especially in the firing process.

Final Year Project