2021, Choo-Lim Study Award(Diploma) AY2021/2022, NAFA, Singapore2021, Dean's List Award AY2020/2021, NAFA, Singapore2019, Tuition Grant, Ministry of Education(MOE), Singapore
2021, reTHINGing the Site, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre2021, NAFA Open House, NAFA2021, Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya II, NAFA2020, NAFA Open House, NAFA2021 December, Volunteer, Open House 2021: Kampong Spirit, Singapore Tyler Print Institute2021 March, Volunteer, Open House 2021: Font Memories, Singapore Tyler Print Institute2020, Student Ambassador, Open House 2020, NAFA2020, Open House 2020 Student Ambassador Training, NAFA2019, Participant, Southeast Asian Art Clinic VI: Tang Da Wu, NAFA

Chong Wen Shan was born in Malaysia. Wen Shan’s topic of exploration in her art practice is about memories. She always wanted to preserve memories through creating them. The process of remembering and creating things out is a way to remind herself not to forget the precious memories. She is interested in making sculptures using different mediums, and mostly paper, as paper has similar characteristics with memories, they are both fragile, delicate, personal and precious.

Wen Shan has exhibited her works and participated in some volunteer activities in Singapore. She has interned as dragon kiln & pottery assistant at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle in 2021, to help with the pottery workshops, dragon kiln firing, assisting artists for exhibition and pottery business.

Final Year Project