Co-curate Fine Art Showcase, A City of Kamu / You, from 8-16 April 2021, NAFA. Assistant curator for artist Aaron Gan and Jays Phua, in Gallery 1819 during internship.

Chloe Chai uses art to mediate her thoughts and communicate with the world. She also uses art to express the satirical traits in her and as a coping mechanism for her introvert personality. She is an aspiring artist who creates sculptural works to express her wildest fantasy and curiosity. She also calms her mind using paintbrush and pallet knife. In her works, she likes to capture the intangible forms, such as the loss of memories, the sense of touch, inexplicable melancholic emotion, and conceptualise the forms into 3D installations.

As a misanthrope but an optimist, Chloe is fascinated with the advancement of technologies such as body enhancement and artificial intelligence which transcends beyond human abilities.

Final Year Project