2020, NAFA Higher Education Bursary (Tier 1), NAFA, Singapore2019, Tan Chay Bing Entry Scholarship, NAFA, Singapore
2021, Open House Volunteer, STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore2020, Open House Volunteer, NAFA, Singapore

Bryan enjoys using his artworks to express his passion for game design. Capable at drawing in both traditional and digital media, Bryan creates works in a variety of drawing materials, particularly in pencil for conventional mediums. He learned Adobe Photoshop in the midst of the epidemic in 2020 so that he could experiment and explore the digital art world. He likes to sketch characters with interesting backstories and he frequently uses his own images to emphasize his expectations in a more symbolic way. In 2019, Bryan was awarded the Tan Chay Bing Entry Scholarship. He participated as an Art Facilitator at TREE ART as part of his internship in 2021.

Final Year Project