NAFA Dean’s List Award (AY2020 / 2021, Sem 2)NAFA Dean’s List Award (AY2020 / 2021, Sem 1)NAFA Dean’s List Award (AY2019 / 2020, Sem 2)MOE Teacher Training Scheme, Tuition Grant
2019-2022 - NAFA Student Representative2020 - NAFA Student Representative Boot Camp

Arina Binte Khaharuddin (b. 2002) is presently in her latter year as an Art Teaching student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She is irrefutably adept in her adroitness of the language of art. During her course of study at NAFA, she developed a critical awareness of contemporary art in the teaching environment.

Arina desires to become proficient in the knowledge of contemporary art as she longed to edify posterities of means to use contemporary art to project their emotions and ideas. She inquires issues in a contemporary context into her design and art-making.

Final Year Project