The Tan Chay Bing Scholarship has greatly lifted the burden of my school fees as my father is the sole breadwinner for a family of five. I am really appreciative and happy to be the recipient of such wonderful award, and it has definitely steer my learning journey towards the passionate path. Thank you!

As an OCBC Local Undergraduate Scholarship recipient, I was able to make the most out of my time over the two years of the BMus (Hons) degree programme at NAFA, and focus on my pursuits without having to worry about the financial burden of school fees. The scholarship has reaffirmed my passion and potential in the field of music, and I have become more confident in both academic undertakings as well as artistic engagements within and beyond the Academy respectively. I am immensely thankful to OCBC and the Academy for this opportunity and in getting me a step closer to my aspirations.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi scholarship was a great help for me in my development as a budding artist. Being less bogged down with the financial aspect of training, I would focus my energies on seeking knowledge and experience that was crucial to hone my craft. I was able to participant in many outreach productions with theatre companies on a voluntarily basis, where we gave back to the society in goodwill. I was also able to invest time to create my own works and stage them while I was still training in school. I am grateful the help that Ngee Ann Kongsi has given me, and am touched by the constant support that Ngee Ann Kongsi extends to developing the Singapore artistic landscape.

I would like give my appreciation to Tan Chin Tuan Foundation for their support, which not only aided me financially, but also opened my heart and mind to the true reason for my study and why I am studying Music.

Coming from a humble family background, this scholarship means the world to me! To be able to study in NAFA has always been my dream. When I received news of attaining the scholarship, I was ecstatic. I know fully well that only with a scholarship, I would then be able to study in NAFA. I am very grateful to Ngee Ann Kongsi for awarding this scholarship to me.

I am very honoured to be the proud recipient of the OCBC Local Undergraduate Scholarship. I find OCBC’s mission to be particularly meaningful, which is to reach out and serve the fellow community. Music is borderless, and through it, I also hope to reach out to more people. Thank you, OCBC, for believing in me!

I was very relieved when I learnt that NAFA had awarded me a scholarship. Without this scholarship, I would have to take up part-time jobs to finance my school fees. It will be very tough to balance both work life and studies. Now, I can concentrate fully on my studies and I promise to put in my best!


Supporting the Arts is supporting development of the Nation’s culture. This is very much the philosophy of the late Leong Yoon Pin.

Supporting NAFA is important for nurturing our next generation of artistic and creative talents. Having a vibrant arts scene makes our lives richer, deepens our cognitive understanding of our Human world and softens the rough edges of Life. I wish NAFA all the very best!

At BreadTalk, we strongly believe in investing in our next generation and nurturing young talents.