Lim Mu Hue


Lim Mu Hue was born in Singapore in 1936. NAFA alumnus and educator, Lim who was trained in Western painting, was renowned for his skillful and elaborate woodblock prints. Drawing inspiration from kampong scenes, puppet theatres and changing landscapes of Singapore, Lim’s paintings were rich in local themes. One of the most innovative artists of his generation, Lim had explored and integrated Chinese and Western painting methods and concepts to develop his own distinctive style.

This work was featured in the exhibition Lim Mu Hue: an inventive life. Donated by the family of the late Lim Mu Hue for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Collection.


Extracting Toddy 采椰花汁

Undated, Woodcut print, 10/15, 68.5 x 53.8 cm