Perceptions 感知
Chinese Ink at NAFA

Ho Seok Kee
Critical Mass (detail of installation)
Chinese ink, coconut fibre and thread on silk
Dimensions variable

A sequel exhibition following Ink & Mind, this medium specific exhibition is a showcase of works by NAFA’s talented final year students, recent and established alumni who majored in Chinese ink painting. Perceptions covers broadly about presentations in the abstract and reality, and how artists use the ink medium to achieve that in traditional ink works. Artists understand and draw lessons from Western contemporary art in their training at NAFA, where the environment creates an impetus for them to break away from the perceived rigid and strict routine paradigm of ink art. They utilize modern consciousness to assimilate these confluences, and in doing so, create new possibilities demonstrated in their practice.

Public Programmes

Ink Practice: Exploring New Possibilities &
Book Launch of More Space 空间 Hong Sek Chern

Wednesday, 7 February 2018, 4-6pm

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) is pleased to invite established and young ink artists to share how they retain, defy, and transcend traditional paradigms of ink painting in their artistic approaches through their works. Moderated by alumna, Ho Seok Kee, the discussion will touch on the rich, cultural legacy of Chinese ink and how the artists position themselves in relation to the longstanding ink tradition in their art practice. The artists - Deng Qichang, Hong Sek Chern, June Lee Yu Juan, Nur Hikmah Binte Mohamed Tahir and Yeo Shih Yun will each speak for 5-10 minutes followed by Q&A session with a moderated discussion. The post-exhibition publication “More Space 空间Hong Sek Chern” will also be officially launched at this event.

Hui Chun 2018
Saturday, 24 February 2018, 11am-2pm

Hui Chun, an annual NAFA tradition and festive event that takes place on the first Saturday of the Chinese New Year, features live demonstrations of Chinese calligraphy by distinguished alumni artists and calligraphers, providing seasonal context into the understanding of Chinese writing and painting traditions, thought and aesthetics.

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