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Marc Valentine

Saigon Institute of Technology, Head of Student Service, Head of Drama and Music

Deep Acting Productions, Co-founder and Artistic Director

Diploma in Theatre, 2009; BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts, 2012


Industry Experience

Marc is a graduate of the NAFA Theatre Arts Programme. He graduated from the NAFA-East15 Theatre Programme with first class honours and was awarded the Best Graduate Award in 2012. He acted in both English and Mandarin during his tenure in NAFA, giving him a unique foundation fusing the East and West. After graduating, he participated in the following Theatre and Musical productions and performances:


  • Lucia & The Ice Mountains, 2017 (Director)
  • If There’re Seasons 天冷就回来 (Musical) as Xiao Jiang(小江). (The Theatre Practice), 201
  • 4
  • Romeo & Juliet musical as Tybalt (Toy Factory), 2014
  • Hansel & Gretel: An Eco Adventure (Glowsticks), 2014
  • Tale of the Frog Prince as Spree (Singapore Repertory Theatre), 2013
    *This production was also premiered in KL.

Theatre Productions

  • An Evening of Tennessee Williams, 2015
  • The Crucible as John Hale (Toy factory), 2013
  • Othello: Shakespeare in the Park Series as The Clown (Singapore Repertory Theatre), 2013
  • My Name is Cine-MAA (Stray Factory, theatre troupe from Chennai, India), 2013
  • Sleuth as Milo Tindle (World in Theatre), 2013
  • Rojak as Chairat (Theatrix), 2013 and 2014
  • Othello as Iago (NAFA-East15), premiered thrice in Singapore and once in Southend, UK, 2012

He was also Director of Youth (2011-2012) at the Buds Theatre Company - Buds Youth Theatre and Associate Artiste (2013-2014) at the Ravindran Drama Group. He is currently exploring his art as Co-founder and Artistic Director of Deep Acting Productions (2016-present) and exercising dramatic teachings through education as the Head of the Student Service Office and Head of Drama and Music at the Saigon Institute of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.