Applicants with Special Educational Needs

NAFA acknowledges the potential of our students and the diversity of learning capabilities. We strive to facilitate and support students with Special Education Needs (SEN) within our available resources, to the best of our abilities.

Students who declare their learning needs will meet the Office of Student Care to discuss various types of support they would require to maximise their learning experiences. A learning dossier will be created to provide learning management support for each student with special needs.

Academic Care Mentor
The appointed Academic Care Mentor will provide guidance and support to full-time students. There will be meetings with the students, in a group or individual, to better understand the students in their studies and to inform them the available support services in NAFA. The Academic Care Mentor will work closely with Office of Student Care and Programme Vice Dean should the students require further support services.

School Counsellor
Upon request, the academy can arrange for students to meet with a School Counsellor on campus or online. All referrals and appointments made are strictly confidential.

Special Education Needs (SEN) Fund
NAFA is committed to provide support for SEN students who are enrolled into our full time courses. The NAFA SEN Fund has been set up to help students with physical, hearing or visual impairment procure essential Assistive Technology (AT) devices and support services, so that they may have equal access to NAFA’s programmes and services and learn to be independent learners and workers. More information about the Fund can be found in the StudentNet portal or you may contact Office of Student Care at [email protected].

Academic and Examination Arrangements
Students who have difficulty fulfilling an assessment component due to their condition may speak with their course mentor to discuss solutions. They are also advised to make an appointment with the Office of Student Care to arrange for alternative assignment submission processes and assessment deadlines.

Students with medical conditions must submit their medical documentation/ diagnosis in order to be considered for alternative academic and examination arrangements.

Graduates with physical disabilities may request for special seating arrangement during the Convocation ceremonies. Ushers will assist these graduates on stage to receive their certificates. Appropriate assistance will also be provided to hearing or visually impaired graduates.

Contact Details
For more information about supporting Special Education Needs for students at NAFA, please contact the Office of Student Care. We welcome any suggestions and feedback.

Office of Student Care
6512 6140
[email protected]