Wild Boy

18 January 2019
The Business Times Weekend, Page 4

In 1828, a strange boy appeared in Nuremberg, Germany. He had a limited vocabulary and poor social skills, after apparently being raised in a small, dark cell. But he could spell his name: Kaspar Hauser. The boy soon sparked much debate and controversy, with some calling him “a miracle” and others labelling him “a fraudster”. In 1833, he died from a mysterious stab wound. Psychologists, artists and even acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog have created various research or artworks around Kaspar’s persona. Acclaimed Singapore-based director Edith Podesta has now taken the 1967 play Kaspar written by Peter Handke and collaborated with the theatre students of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for an M1 Fringe Festival production. This version imagines Kaspar as an innocent youth whose ability to act independently is undermined by societal pressures to speak, think and live as others do.

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Source: The Business Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.