Whimsical works

15 January 2019
The Straits Times, Life!, Pages D1 & D2

Liza Markus created a sculpture inspired by the tug-of-war she feels regarding her Christian faith and how it was introduced to Indonesia by colonial powers, as well as her curiosity over the Catholic confessional.

Unique and intimate art experiences feature prominently in this year’s Singapore Art Week (SAW) – the biggest visual arts celebration here. Apart from mega light shows organised by National Gallery Singapore and big-ticket contemporary art fairs such as Art Stage Singapore and S.E.A. Focus, there will be a number of quirky exhibitions.

Sim Lim Square’s artists
Once known as the place to shop for electronics - as well as pirated video games - Sim Lim Square has seen its fortunes dwindle in recent years. An art residency during Singapore Art Week aims to get participants and artists to rethink their engagement with the mall and its role in high-tech Singapore. The Sim Lim Square Art Residency has Taiwanese artist Ko Tzu-an occupy a shop unit on the sixth floor of the mall along with South Korean artist Eom Jeongwon and Singaporean artists Johann Yamin and Chong Weixin.

For part of the residency, Chong will be present virtually, since she is working on another project in Europe. She navigates the mall through video call, her assistant Jovan Tng serving as a body double and moving around in her stead. Her project stems from her interest in the virtual avatars people have left online over the years.

Exploring Faiths
Talking about religion is often taboo, but two 20something artists want to spark honest conversations with their work. Singaporean artist Nicole Phua and Indonesian artist Liza Markus are co-founders of The Right Belief, a platform for young artists to explore their faiths and traditions through art. Their first project is Orthodox, a showcase of faith-inspired performance art, installation pieces, paintings, videos and sculpture done by Markus, Phua and 10 friends, many of whom are fellow graduates from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

The exhibition is spread out over two galleries, Coda Culture and Your Mother Gallery, and opens during Singapore Art Week.

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