Pelajar terbaik kursus drama Nafa: Berlakon bukan setakat kerja seni
(Valedictorian from Nafa’s Theatre programme: “Acting is not just about artwork”)

04 September 2017
Berita Harian, Page 2

Masturah Oli Mohamed, Valedictorian and Diploma in Theatre Best Graduate

Masturah Oli Mohamed sees the theatre as a creative place capable of reflecting people's thinking. That is why the top student from NAFA’s Diploma in Theatre (English Drama) course has made this field a source of livelihood and exploration. Masturah, who is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at NAFA, stood on the podium yesterday as a valedictory speaker at NAFA’s Convocation Ceremony at the Lee Foundation Theatre. She is also a recipient of the Wu Tsung Kan Book Prize, which is presented to exceptional students for their outstanding achievements. A total of 747 diploma and degree students graduated from NAFA this year.

When interviewed at NAFA last Thursday, Masturah, who is the Head of Youth at local theatre group Buds Theatre Company, shared how she had been exposed to theatre since joining the drama clubs in her primary and secondary schools, and how she has found a love not only for acting, but for stage and production management as well. She also shared her thoughts about how acting is not just about artwork, but is also something that teaches patience and discipline. At NAFA, she has learnt to accept and learn from mistakes to constantly improve herself.

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