Three outstanding Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts students

08 September 2018
Berita Harian, Gah!, Page 8

Three outstanding Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts students chose this art institution as a space to develop and empower interest in the areas of graphic communication and design, music and architecture.

Siswa grafik ‘Kelas Pertama’ Nafa mahu bangun ruang bincang pereka
NAFA’s first class honours graduate in graphic communication wants to build a forum for designers.

In order to please his parents who were worried about his future, Mr. Muhammad Izzul Islam put a business course as his first choice when he applied to Singapore Polytechnic (SP). However, when his application was rejected and he was selected for his second choice, a diploma in Visual Communication and Design Media instead, Mr Muhammad Izzul was glad, as it was the course he really wanted to sign up for. At that time, Mr Muhammad Izzul, now 23 years old, knew that aspects of art such as graphic design and installation works suited him. He had a passion for graphic design when he enrolled for the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication programme in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), he worked hard and achieved positive results. Last Sunday, Mr Muhammad Izzul received a First Class Honours for his BA (Hons) Graphic Communication at the convocation ceremony at the Lee Foundation Theatre, Campus 3. NAFA had a record total of 845 diploma and degree students graduating this year.

When interviewed by Gah!, Mr Muhammad Izzul, the third child in the family of the four siblings, explained: "Like other parents, my parents are worried about my future and are less confident that art will open up many career opportunities in the future. Hence, I chose the business course to put them at ease. However, when I got accepted into the visual communication and media design course, I realized that was the way the Lord wanted me to go. I gave my best in the last year of study and I am still working hard even after my graduation, because I'm really interested in contributing to the graphic communications industry. Thankfully, my dad is now supporting my passion for this art."

Mr Muhammad Izzul shared that his education in graphic design has trained him to be sensitive to everything around him as well as to quickly identify elements of beauty. "As a graphic designer, we are free to generate creative ideas. The challenge lies being self-reliant. Nobody will give you all the information you need. You have to look for inspiration yourself and plan your work accordingly.” Graphic designers are more self-reliant and solitary when it comes to generating ideas, and he hopes that a more open environment where ideas can be freely exchanged can be created in the future.

Rancang rentak belajar muzik lebih santai
Planning a leisurely musical session

Ms Nur Diyanah Amani Abdul Razak still remembered how bored she was when she had to attend music classes in primary and secondary school. When she was preparing for the 'O' Level General Education (GCE) music examinations, Ms Nur Diyanah was once depressed and unable to sleep, as the examinations were very different from the piano classes she had taken at the Yamaha Musical School at two and a half years old. So when the 20-year-old applied for the Diploma in Music Teaching course at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, she was determined to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that she could pass her knowledge on to her future students. Ms Nur Diyana’s passion in the field of music teaching was evident when she was named the Best Graduate of the course recently. Nur Diyana, who received the Ministry of Education (MOE) sponsorship for a three-year study at NAFA, said: "I was sent to the music school from childhood as learning music was my parents' dream.”

Lulusan terbaik berjiwa masyarakat Dunia Ketiga
Best graduate has a heart for third world countries

As one travels far and wide, one should not be afraid to experiment. Armed with his experience and knowledge, Mr Abdul Hakeem James Hausley, 24, aspires to be an architect, to design buildings in third world countries. He received the Best Graduate Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture) award at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Formerly a digital animation student at MacPherson ITE, he said: "I've been through a period where I'm not sure what my strengths are. I tried a lot and failed. At ITE, I was not interested in the courses I took. When I applied to both NAFA and LaSalle College of the Arts, I was accepted. However, I chose NAFA as I knew that I was interested in design (landscape and architecture). I believe that this field will bring me closer to the community because I don’t produce something for my own sake, but for others."

Mr. Abdul Hakeem, the second of three siblings, shared. "When I travel across the globe, whether in Europe or Asia, I take photos and try to figure out how I can do more to help people in third world countries. It's also how I can do good in my capacity as an architect.  My designs have an artistic element to it as I was once a fine art student. I am also interested in the philosophy of the Japanese architecture. I prefer creating space in every architectural design. For example, my final year project is based on the desire to invite people to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the jungle even in the urban context.”

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