These young artists are best of the best

17 July 2019
The New Paper, Page 13

Miss Zhuang Xuehong understands what suffering for your art means. The 23-year-old had blisters on her lips and inside her mouth after kissing 121 concrete steps for her documentary called Untitled. The four-minute video shows Miss Zhuang kissing the steps of the Bukit Batok World War II Memorial. The place used to be a base for the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation. Said Miss Zhuang, a Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (sic) (Nafa) fine art graduate: “I was looking for a space that was mostly forgotten, and bring a show of love back to it.”

Her documentary is one of the 35 works inspired by the spaces and themes found in Singapore that are on display at Nafa’s Best of the Best exhibition. The exhibition showcases ideas and works by the graduating diploma and degree cohorts from the School of Art & Design at Nafa. The exhibition, held at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries, ends on Sunday.

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