The Stories of Gift: Designing with Laminates

07 March - 12 March 2017
F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975

ADMIRA x NAFA @SingaPlural
7 to 12 March, 11am to 10pm
F1 Pit Building
Admission charges apply

The act of gifting is as old as human beings. From the tooth of an animal to elaborate vases, gift giving has always been an integral part of human trait and culture. “Gift” in the project title “The Stories of Gift” is a wordplay on the relational aspect of the design outcomes.

Twenty-six 2nd-year Nanyang Academy of Fine Art students reading a course in Diploma in Design (Object & Jewellery) are guided by local interdisciplinary design outfit Creativeans to design and exhibit prototypes of their exploration of gifts, using laminates by surface design company ADMIRA.

As a curricular project, students are tasked to investigate and challenge the typology of a gift, starting from the material and the recipient, and go on a journey to discover what defines the gift itself. This will be a curated display of outcomes and prototypes arising from a 7-week project.

Led by part-time lecturer and Managing Director of Creativeans Mr Kimming Yap, the students from NAFA will explore the way we view giving objects to the intended recipients, and serve as an inspiration for possible alternative laminate material usage for the future.

Says Dean of the NAFA School of Art & Design Ms Sabrina Long, “NAFA’s curriculum emphasises practice-led learning. We teach students how to apply design thinking and technical skills into the problem-solving process. This project encourages students to react to a real-live client’s needs and requirements, thus enhancing their overall learning experience.”

ADMIRA is engaging students in this project as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities, to nurture the next generation of budding design talents and promote their design creativity.

"For this collaboration with NAFA, I hope that all students will be able to learn something new from this whole experience and to express themselves creatively through our products. This exploration will definitely show how laminates can be used in ways never imagined before." says Mr Jake Tan, Executive Director, ADMIRA.

Gifts have evolved immensely over time and today we are able to find gifts readily and affordably. However, with the overabundance of commercial gifts, the intrinsic meaning of a gift may have also lost its personal appeal along the way. By transforming material into an object, and passing the object into the hands of a recipient, what stories can we create?