The love of music, an instrument of care

30 March 2017

Mr Loh Dan Wee with NAFA students

Mr Loh Dan Wee has been loaning NAFA his violins for the past year. One of the beneficiaries is Li Jiaqi, a first-year Diploma student in the School of Music, who practises on a loaned copy of the ‘Rode’ Stradivarius. It is a rare opportunity to chance upon such a sophisticated-sounding instrument, let alone the opportunity for daily practice, and Jiaqi is grateful to Mr Loh for his kindness and generosity.

With several violins sitting idle at home, Mr Loh felt that these could be put to better use by NAFA’s music students. A violin player himself, he understood the importance of a good musical instrument and how it can further enhance the skills and techniques of its player.

Mr Loh hopes that there will be more helping hands. He said, “I am impressed by the wide diversity of programmes that NAFA offers. The loaning of violins is a small contribution to the society. It is a very worthwhile cause especially when you see how the students benefit from such initiatives. I would encourage more people to come forth to offer their assistance one way or another.