The eGrad Expectations 2020: Taking Art Online and Beyond Physical Boundaries

07 July - 16 July 2020
Virtual Showcase

View The eGrad Expectations here.

Official Opening: 7 July 2020 (Tues), 7pm

  • Opening Speech by Student Representative, Nicholas Erolani Soh Wen Kai, Diploma in Advertising
  • Introductory Speech by:
    • Vice President (Academic), Mr Jerry Soo
  • Congratulatory Messages by:
    • Dean, School of Art & Design, Ms Sabrina Long
    • Vice Dean (Acad), Ms Marienne Yang
    • Vice Dean (Fine Art), Ms Sabrina Koh
    • Vice Dean (3D Design), Mr Fadzli Jamil
    • Vice Dean (Design & Media), Ms Christabel Teng
    • Vice Dean (Fashion Studies), Mr Anthony Tan
  • Awards Presentation including:
    • NAFA Fine Art Graduation Awards 2020, supported by Woon Brothers Foundation
    • 3DD Live Collaboration with ESR-Reit Award
  • Popspoken presents: NAFA’s Best Fashion Collections 2020 (produced by Daniel Boey)

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is proud to present The eGrad Expectations 2020, a virtual showcase held from 8 to 16 July 2020. The showcase features over 600 works created by around 700 graduating School of Art & Design (SOAD) Diploma and Degree students.

Graduands from SOAD’s 3D Design, Design & Media, Fashion Studies and Fine Art Programmes have completed their studies during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker, pushing through challenges posed by the pandemic to submit their portfolios for this showcase.

In addition to presenting graduands’ works, The eGrad Expectations will host #GucciFR, a daily live online chat between students, faculty, alumni and industry experts; as well as interview videos centered around students’ experience at NAFA. This showcase also serves as a platform for companies to speak to potential hires and preview their portfolios through an industry match-up service - The eGrad Expectations 2020: Industry Portfolio Interview Session.

Ms Sabrina Long, Dean of SOAD emphasises the importance of tackling logistical constraints to present this virtual showcase, “as a premier, progressive and leading arts institution, it is imperative that our students and the academy display resilience to manage inconveniences presented to us during the pandemic. Our deserving students have many exciting works to present, and taking our annual graduate showcase online affords us the right platform to highlight their creative talents.”

“Moving forward, we recognise that bringing the showcase online allows for greater accessibility to our students’ works, especially for the global audience. To be future-ready, we plan to have this complement subsequent iterations of The Grad Expectations beyond the pandemic,” she added.

Since 2015, the graduation showcase has been featuring SOAD graduate works annually through exhibitions. This is the first year that it will be presented online. NAFA invites you to immerse yourself in the creativity of these up-and-coming artists and designers, witness how various disciplines redraw boundaries and create new perspectives by taking their works beyond the physical realm.

The eGrad Expectations Key Programmes
#GucciFR #GucciFR or “Gucci For Real” is a series of online ‘live’ informal chat sessions between students, faculty, alumni and/or industry members.

“Gucci” is a Gen-Z term that is derived from the phrase “everything is Gucci” - which means everything is going good and well. The phrase has been used in different permutations in contemporary music, as well as media publications such as Esquire and Highsnobiety.
#DailyVibe #DailyVibe is a daily update presenting the programmes and content that The eGrad Expectation 2020 delivers.
#GraduateNorm #GraduateNorm peeks into the lives of graduand profiles through the lens of 20 questions. Presented in a video format, audiences will better understand the norms, routines and thoughts of the featured profiles.

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