Royal College of Music, London and NAFA extend partnership by another 5 years

12 January 2016

Following a successful partnership first inked in 2011, NAFA and the Royal College of Music, London extended the agreement on 12 January 2016 for RCM to validate a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree programme. This partnership will continue for another five years.

This degree programme follows on from NAFA's three-year Music Diploma. There have since been 67 graduates from the programme, with 28% achieving First Class Honours.

All NAFA students visit London for an International Placement, where they study and perform alongside London-based students.


From left to right: Vice Deans (NAFA School of Music) Dr Ernest Lim and Dr Eleanor Tan; Head of Keyboards (RCM) Professor Vanessa Latarche; Deputy Director (RCM) Mr Kevin Porter; Dean (NAFA School of Music) Mr Lim Yau; Director (RCM) Professor Colin Lawson and NAFA President Mr Chia Mia Chiang at the NAFA-RCM Partnership Signing ceremony.

NAFA President Mr Chia Mia Chiang and Director of RCM Professor Colin Lawson formalise the partnership agreement at a signing ceremony on 12 January 2016.