Rise up and begin your arts journey: A virtual discovery at NAFA’s Open House 2021

21 December 2020

14 - 16 Jan 2021
Thursday to Saturday
10am - 6pm (Singapore Time)

The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Open House is back with its first-ever virtual edition, to be held from 14 to 16 January 2021 (Thursday to Saturday), 10am to 6pm daily. Aspiring artists, designers, thespians, dancers, musicians and arts administrators can look forward three days chock-full of informative webinars, panel discussions and workshops – providing a glimpse of life into one of Singapore’s leading arts institutions. Attendees can also discover insights on navigating the modern arts landscape and learn more about NAFA by visiting the virtual booths and experiencing a virtual campus tour.

The NAFA Open House includes highlights such as The Art Practitioners in the Real World, a panel discussion that examines the crucial roles played by contemporary artists in an evolving world; Dreaming of a Career in Fashion?, a live-chat sharing session by NAFA’s Fashion Studies Programme; and Don't Be A Designer. Be A #DesignInfluencer, a webinar on how to drive communication and discover your voice as a designer in the current media landscape. The event will also host a myriad of art workshops, certificate courses and classes.

Officers from the Ministry of Education will be presenting webinars on the Art and Music Teaching courses and attending to related queries at their virtual booth. Prospective students and their families concerned about admissions during these challenging times, as well as scholarships and financial aid schemes, may also attend talks by the Students Admissions Office and Office of Student Care to address their queries.

Themed ‘Rise Up’, the event embodies NAFA’s spirit of creativity and resilience, while encouraging art aspirants to pursue their dreams regardless of challenges ahead. “To continue inspiring learning and growth through the arts, it is important for us to provide a taste of life at NAFA and underscore the value of an enriching arts education. We want to encourage potential students to stand up and take their place in the arts world. This virtual edition also provides accessibility to audiences from across the globe to learn more about the academy, while still respecting COVID-19 safe management measures. It epitomises NAFA’s fortitude to rise up to challenges, turning adversities into opportunities”, said William Teo, Director of NAFA’s Student Admissions Office.

With enrichment courses helmed by Patrick Yee (Adjunct Lecturer and Award-winner, MacMillan Children’s Picture Book Award, UK) and Lee Guoliang (Adjunct Lecturer and Champion, Sungha Jung Guitar Competition 2016), there is something for everyone at the Open House. Attendees will also be able to combine various resources from the virtual booths into a swag bag for download. Students will enjoy a waiver of application fees when they sign up for Diploma courses during the Open House. Interested parties must register at https://nafaopenhouse.vfairs.com/ .

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