Pegang teguhlah maksud kerja sungguh-sungguh (‘Hard work’ is key)

08 July 2018
Berita Harian, Page 11

NAFA alumnus, M. Nasir.

After four decades of being in the music industry, M. Nasir wants to remain relevant to the next generation of young people. To celebrate his 40 years of achievements in the music industry, he is holding a concert ‘M.Nasir – Celebrating 40 Years of Music’. During his interview with Berita Harian, he told the media that the music artists today will have to follow trends or create new trends if they want to stay in the industry. M.Nasir, who graduated at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a diploma in Western Art, shared his experiences throughout the 40 years. His journey in art wasn’t all smooth. However, he persevered and today, he is recognised as a singer, composer, publisher, poet, actor and film director.

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Source: Berita Harian © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.