29 September 2022

  • 17 exhibits at the Lim Hak Tai Gallery explore findings by Atelier HOKO and six of the academy’s design researchers.
  • An AR experience by The Doodle People promotes interactivity with the surroundings, to unveil hidden artwork and digital augmentation.

11 October 2022 (Tues) – 30 October 2022 (Sun)
11am – 7pm

Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA Campus 1
80 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189655
Free admission, closed every Monday and on Public Holidays

The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ (NAFA) Special Projects Unit presents Peel Here, an interactive exhibition which examines the art of peeling, encouraging audiences to revisit their everyday gestures and other menial tasks in the scrim of our sensorially-overloaded world. Driven by independent research lab Atelier HOKO, alongside six design researchers from NAFA’s School of Art & Design, their explorations are unravelled across 17 exhibits at the Lim Hak Tai Gallery.


An extract from "Lines: Hints of Peeling Found in Nature".

Displays such as “Peeling is Everywhere”, “What is Peeling”, “Peel / Peeeeeeel”, and “Instruction for Peeling” unpack audience perspectives on the seemingly trivial gesture, while prodding them to scrutinise the act. “Let’s Peel Together” and “Other Forms of Peeling”, seeks audience participation to experience various forms of peeling, with the latter prompting scrubbing, rubbing, scratching, and scraping. The exhibition aims to present a fragment of our world where peeling is performed and as quickly, forgotten--ultimately, bringing heightened awareness and enjoyment to the motion.


“Other Forms of Peeling”:
Using various tools, audiences may attempt to peel off price tags stuck to a steel surface.

Augmented Reality (AR) by The Doodle People
In collaboration with Singapore-based creative tech studio, The Doodle People, AR installations will also be placed around the NAFA campus for the audience to experience through the lens of their personal devices. By swiping on their screens, audiences can peel away surfaces to reveal hidden artworks and digital augmentations to their surroundings. Featured artwork include pieces by NAFA alumni and visual art luminaries Koh Kai Ting, Ho Seok Kee, Chong En, William Sim, and Lush Tan.



One of Peel Here’s exhibits includes “Peel Here!”, where audiences can unveil animated art pieces by NAFA alumni, through AR experiences around NAFA’s campus by The Doodle People.

Lynnette Ee, CEO of The Doodle People, shared her excitement at partnering NAFA for the exhibition, “The Doodle People has championed the Arts in Singapore with the aim to build capabilities, drive innovation and support changemakers from within this sector. The Peel Here exhibition demonstrates NAFA’s progressiveness with art and technology, as we continue with our pursuit to demonstrate how both aspects can be integrated to elevate the participant’s experience.”

Atelier HOKO further commented on their experience working with NAFA’s design researchers, “The design researchers brought with them diverse backgrounds and skillsets that gave our research into peeling multiple dimensions. Their ability to shun the conventional forms of research to engage in more action- and behaviour-based investigations has enriched the six-month process and informed how the experience of the eventual exhibition would be.”

Join us at Peel Here! NAFA welcomes you to rediscover the mundane and commonplace at this explorative and creative exhibition, revisiting habitual actions for a glimpse into the wonders of peeling.

ANNEX 1 – Background Information
ANNEX 2 – Relevant Profiles (6 Design Researchers)
ANNEX 3 – Key Visuals
ANNEX 4 – Artworks Embedded Within AR