P. Ramlee’s music revisited and remixed

19 April 2018
The Straits Times, Life! Page D7

Home-grown chamber orchestra re: mix, led by its music director Foo Say Ming (standing, right), will perform the P. Ramlee Suite composed by Julian Wong (standing, left).

Singapore composer Julian Wong was approached by home-grown chamber orchestra re: mix approached to compose a new classical piece in a tribute to P. Ramlee. re: mix will perform the composition, P. Ramlee Suite, together with Max Richter’s Vivaldi Four Seasons Recomposed, their re-interpretation of the Four Seasons concerto, at re: composed, a concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio on April 29.

Foo Say Ming, music director of re: mix, says taking on P. Ramlee’s music is in line with its ethos of merging classical music with popular songs from various cultures. At the upcoming show, the group, known for classical renditions of songs such as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and the Bee Gees’ Emotion, will also launch its second CD, Wild And In Love. Foo, 52, who is also the head of strings at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ (Nafa) School of Music, first violinist at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and assistant conductor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Symphony Orchestra, says: “We have always looked into Chinese and Taiwanese music and we’ve always had this interest to look into Malay and Indonesian music. P. Ramlee was always in the project somewhere, but it was always about finding the right occasion and the right person to do it.” He found the ideal candidate in Wong, who had worked as composer and music director for theatre productions such as Liao Zhai Rocks! and Tropicana The Musical as well as concerts such as ChildAid.

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