Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA Alumni and Hui Chun Calligraphy

26 January - 15 February 2017

Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA Alumni and Hui Chun Calligraphy
26 Jan - 15 Feb
Closed every Monday and Public Holiday
11am - 7pm

Hui Chun 2017
4 Feb
11am - 2pm

Both events are held at:
Lim Hak Tai Gallery
NAFA Campus 1, 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655
Admission is free

(A) Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA Alumni and Hui Chun Calligraphy
This exhibition presents work by current students and alumni of NAFA’s Fine Art Programme, offering a glimpse of contemporary art making through a specific medium: Chinese ink.

The number of NAFA Fine Art students who choose to major in Chinese ink remains small. These recent generations of students carry with them the knowledge and training of celebrated second generation artists under whom they have studied, including well-known local artists such as Wee Beng Chong, Tan Kian Por and Tan Kee Sek, consummate mentors in their own right.

Presenting their works in “Ink and Mind” are young painters Deng Qichang, Ho Seok Kee, Nur Hikmah, Jane Toh and Lee Ju-lyn. This group of current students and recent graduates are starting to apply their skills and define their practice in ink. Creating within traditional formats, many of them re-appropriate aspects of other artistic fields, daily life and popular culture to further their visual language and outcomes in ink.

The older generation which graduated from NAFA in the 1990s, that includes established artists Hong Sek Chern and Tay Bak Chiang, chooses instead to challenge the nature of ink as a medium. As seasoned ink painters, they create contemporary works that draw from traditional notions and associations of ink. Tay does this in his play with the link between wuxia (or Chinese swordsplay novels) and ink/calligraphy seen in his dynamic, evocative brush strokes; while Hong’s abstract and meditative rendering of the foundation strokes in Chinese writing reflects this.

(B) Hui Chun 2017
Hui Chun is an annual NAFA tradition and a festive event that takes place on the first Saturday of the Chinese New Year. Local calligraphers come together to write Spring couplets, a practice that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and synonymous with the season. The Hui Chun calligraphy allows one to see and appreciate ink as a principal medium of painting and calligraphy.

A selection of ‘Hui Chun’ or new year works is available for pre-new year sale from 26 January to 3 February, as part of the Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA alumni and Huichun calligraphy exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of artworks at the Pre-New Year sale and Hui Chun demonstration go to the NAFA Development Fund.

For Hui Chun enquiries and registration, please contact:
Phone: 6512 4021 I Email: [email protected]

Annex 1 - Selected works and details from Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA Alumni and Hui Chun Calligraphy


Lee Ju-Lyn | 李裕铃

This is not a brush holder | 借二杜自勉, 2016, Chinese ink, paper, wood, bamboo, felt, 120 x 90 x 170 cm

Nur Hikmah Binte Mohamed Tahir | 艾玛

t'Urban Sk8, 2016, Ink on rice paper, 138 x 70 cm

Hong Sek Chern | 洪雪珍

Horizontal | 横, 2016, Chinese ink on rice paper, 114 x 108 cm

Ho Seok Kee | 何淑芝

Bloom #02, 2015, Chinese ink and pigment on black rice paper, 64 x 64 cm

Tay Bak Chiang | 郑木彰

Ambush | 十面埋伏, 2012, Chinese ink and pigments on rice paper, 124 x 160 cm