Identifying the best employers

21 April 2020
The Straits Times

In August and September of 2019, The Straits Times and global research firm Statista polled over 8,000 employees based in Singapore to evaluate their own employer and other employers they know of. The scores were then used to tabulate a ranking of Singapore’s 150 Best Employers 2020. The ranking is based on an extensive survey of more than 8,000 employees and covers almost 2,000 companies across 25 industry sectors. The Singapore’s Best Employers 2020  survey is the first of its kind in Singapore — and Asia. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts came in with a score of 6.8 and is ranked #137.

Dr Thomas Clark, partner at Statista, stresses the uniquely broad approach of this survey. “Our intention was to conduct a comprehensive study where every company with more than 200 employees based in Singapore is considered,” he says in a phone interview. It is a feat, says Dr Clark, to make it to the top 150 list, bearing in mind that almost 2,000 companies were considered. “Every company in the ranking is a fantastic employer, regardless of its position,” he explains. “Thanks to the comprehensive approach, these employers can now compare themselves with others in the league of the best. We hope to conduct this survey annually so companies will see if they can progress in terms of their employer quality, or if there will be some fallbacks.”

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