Game of wicked Singapore humour

23 April 2017
The Straits Times, Life, Page C2

If you love the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, but are confused by the American references on some of its cards, don’t fret. The Singapore version of the game - called Limpeh Says - has hit the market, putting a local spin on the iconic game known for its wicked sense of humour.

The name of the home-grown version is a play on the popular game Simon Says, using the word “Limpeh”, a Hokkien term meaning “your father”. Its cards feature aspects of Singapore, including aunties, taxi drivers and the MRT system as well as local personalities such as actress Rui En. Some cards also touch on race and religion.

The self-published game is the brainchild of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts student Tan Yong Heng, who collaborated with Mr Gabriel Leow, founder of local games café Play Nation. They made an appeal for funds on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter last year and raised more than $120,000 - six times their initial target - from local and international backers. The game’s creators have been sending the final product to backers since earlier this month. A week ago, they started selling the game in stores, such as Battle Bunker and Toy Station.

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Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.