Fighting for Van Gogh

15 December 2017
The Straits Times, Life! Page D2

Student learning the basics of watercolour techniques at NAFA, the same course local singer Stephanie Sun took up in 2017

Using SkillsFuture Credit, one can, say, learn to speak Korean or pick up bookkeeping. In the case of local singer Stefanie Sun, it helped shape her new album, A Dancing Van Gogh, which was re-leased on Nov 9. And, no, it was not a masterclass on putting out a record. Rather, it was a course on basic watercolour techniques at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts that she took in March last year. She eventually stopped at the Advance 3 level.

The classes coincided with a growing interest in art, particular that of master painter Vincent Van Gogh. In recent years, she has been visiting the Netherlands. The painter’s dedication to his art, even though he was not recognised for it during his lifetime, moved her. She fought for A Dancing Van Gogh (music by Taiwanese band Tree Of Life’s The Little Prince, lyrics by well-known lyricist Wu Iwei) to be the lead single, despite it being neither a conventional ballad nor an outright dance number.

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Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.