Digging deep for inspiration | Silk meets rubber in show

08 October 2018
The Straits Times, Life!, Page D1 & D2

Artist Weixin Quek Chong, who uses materials such as latex, wants artgoers to see the different objects and materials in a new light. Weixin is a part-time lecturer at NAFA for the Fine Art programme.

The five artists in this year’s President’s Young Talents exhibition look at soil and scars, among other things, and push the boundaries of contemporary art. Trying to make sense of Weixin Quek Chong’s installation - sft crsh ctrl - sort of defeats the purpose. “People want to find points of entry into the art and want to be told a particular outcome. It is cultural and I understand that,” says the 30-year old. “But I think art can help us to expand and curve so that there doesn’t have to be a direct path.” When visitors enter her gallery, she wants them to discover for themselves what the different objects and materials might mean and not “what they have been told”. She hopes to achieve this by inviting the visitors to engage with a range of videos, photos and installations made of various materials. For example, three long silk prints billow from the ceiling, while large pieces of latex – in black, beige and white - are stretched and draped over frames.

The latex in her work is a material she was thrilled to be working with. Visitors will get a chance to touch the fabric and react to it during guided events. She consciously made many decisions based on her instincts for this commission. As a part-time lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for the fine art diploma programme, and an adjunct lecturer in art at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, she sees students trying to demonstrate value in their work all the time.

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