Catch the Book Bug

25 November 2018
The Straits Times, Life!, Page C6 & C7

Children have been busy collecting and trading cards featuring cartoon insects, as part of a reading programme by the National Library Board (NLB). The Book Bugs programme has become such a hit that NLB has run out of Book Bugs cards since early this month. The reading scheme, which involves borrowing books to gain points that are then used to redeem the cards, was launched in May. It is in its second edition and is proving to be more popular and successful than the first, which was introduced in June 2016 to promote reading and which ran for nine months.

While the programme cannot ensure that the children read all the books they borrow to get the cards, children and parents who participate tell The Sunday Times that it has encouraged the young ones to read more and even make new friends. In the past few months, children have been swopping and haggling over cards with fellow Book Bugs fans at libraries.

Ms Nur Liyanna Hanafi, 22, a third-year arts management student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, has also used gamification to design a learning programme for preschoolers, a collaboration between the National Heritage Board and the school. She and her teammates chose a quest motif from Dora The Explorer, a children's television show, to find missing objects, as part of a project teaching preschoolers about Malay heritage. The kids had to help a sultan find a missing songkok, a traditional hat worn by Malay men, and a kerongsang, a three-piece brooch set, in Kampong Glam.

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