Artist couple sniff out quirky works that are affordable

27 November 2018
The Straits Times, Life! Page D1&2

Home-grown sculptor Lim Soo Ngee and his wife April Ng, a printmaker, have an eclectic jumble of works by artists such as sculptor Han Sai Por, Japanese artist Toshimatsu Kuremoto, potter Peter Low, ceramicist Nelson Lim and printmaker-sculptor Chng Seok Tin.

What artworks do artists have in their homes? The Straits Times visits the homes of Singapore artists to find out. One of the homes which they visited was the home of local sculptor, Lim Soo Ngee. Below is an excerpt:

Home-grown sculptor Lim Soo Ngee, 56, who teaches at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa), is known for his whimsical spirit, as seen in the myna sculptures, and has a home to match it. His terraced house in Hougang, which he shares with his wife April Ng, a printmaker, is an eclectic jumble of works by artists such as the acclaimed sculptor Han Sai Por, Malaysia-born potter Peter Low, emerging ceramicist Nelson Lim and visually impaired printmaker and sculptor Chng Seok Tin. The pieces range from artsy metallic flowerpots and a glow-in-the-dark human figure in a state of struggle, to bronze sculptures their friend Han gave them years ago as a gift for their now-adult son, their only child.

"Some people who don't know us think we sell antiques ," says Ng, 55, who also collects prints and paintings. One cheeky sculpture is a ceramic finger by the late pioneer artist Ng Eng Teng. Lim, who is convinced that it must be a middle finger, bought it at an exhibition for about $750. Another quirky piece is by Japanese artist Toshimatsu Kuremoto, featuring a wooden squashedbaseball structure coated with aluminium, with an epoxy figurine balancing on top. They bought it for about $1,300 at a contemporary art fair in Singapore two years ago.

"Usually, it's not the work itself that influences me, but the artist's spirit. Sai Por, for example, is really hardworking. When I see the artwork, I think of the person," he adds.

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