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Over the years, NAFA has received various accolades from NTUC and Education Services Union (ESU) in recognition of our efforts and contributions towards employees’ welfare, good labour-management relations and NTUC initiatives.

In April 2020, NAFA was recognised as one of the Best Employers in Singapore for companies with at least 200 employees. The ranking was based on an extensive survey of more than 8,000 employees and covered almost 2,000 companies across 25 industry sectors. The survey was the first of its kind in Singapore, conducted by The Straits Times and market research firm Statista – and Asia.

We are elated to announce that in April 2021, NAFA has been ranked #116 among the list of Top 200 Singapore’s Best Employers 2021 in the second edition of the survey.  The ranking was based on a broad and comprehensive research comprising over 1,700 companies across 26 industries and 200,000 employee evaluations.

As NAFA continues to move forward with excellence, we will continue our journey to proactively foster an ideal and conducive work environment for our employees encompassing respect, empathy and mutual understanding among colleagues.

Pro-family and Progressive HR Practices

NAFA is an adopter of the Tripartite Standard (TS) on Employment of Term Contract Employees, Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), Recruitment Practices, Grievance Handling, Age-Friendly Workplaces and Unpaid Leave For Unexpected Care Needs (UCL). Our commitment towards adopting fair and progressive employment practices have also been endorsed by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Practices (TAFEP).

Tripartite-Standard-Term-Employment Tripartite-Standard-Flexible-Work-Arrangements Tripartite-Standard-Recruitment-Practices Tripartite-Standard-Grievance-Handling Tripartite-Standard-Age-Friendly-Workplaces

For more information on the Tripartite Standards, please click here.

Human Capital Partner

NAFA is proud to be recognised as a Human Capital Partner. The Human Capital Partnership Programme is a tripartite initiative to bring together a community of progressive employers, to help them grow their businesses and stay competitive through a focus on human capital development. The Programme recognises progressive employers who invest in human capital and adopt progressive workplace practices.

Human Capital Partner